Translational Analytical Services

The HAL team has years of immunology and cancer research experience in academic, translational, and clinical settings. Our robust and reproducible analyses are designed to expedite the discovery and IND-enabling phases to accelerate your research and development. We employ state-of-the-art techniques and devices to assess identity, purity, safety, and potency of your preclinical biological product. We maintain expertise in flow cytometry, immuonfluorescence, live cell imaging, cytotoxicity assays, and clinical laboratory testing.

Our PhD scientists have expertise in isolating and characterizing primary human αβT cells, γδT cells, NK cells, Dendritic cells, and Tumor Cells. Please see below for a detailed list of our RUO analytical services designed by our scientists and performed by highly competent research staff:

Comparison & Validation

  • Instrument or reagent comparison, qualification, and validation studies
  • Conference abstracts and collaborative white papers
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Phenotype & Identity

  • Fixed and live-cell video microscopy
  • Flow cytometry (validated and custom multicolor panels)
  • CTC molecular phenotyping
  • qRT-PCR
  • Stability

Count, Viability, & Volume

  • Hemocytometer
  • Automated cell counter (Trypan Blue)
  • Flow cytometer (Propidum Iodide)
  • Coulter principle

Potency & Cytotoxicity

  • Degranulation
  • Intracellular cytokine staining
  • Target cell killing
  • Soluble cytokine and protein release (single or multiplex)