Personal Values

  • Values matter as our fabric of daily function and code of conduct
  • Personal, Professional, Business, and Scientific Integrity
  • Trust and respect through voice and action
  • Commitment as manifested by character, discipline, determination, and focus
  • Personal excellence through professionalism
  • Personal accountability of duties
  • Being proactive by taking initiative
  • Self renewal of one’s greatest asset, yourself.  Preserve and enhance your physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of your nature.
  • Our Reward is the Joy of Patient Care, as we serve and they inspire our Mission

Research Values

  • Autonomy:  Participation in clinical trials is voluntary, and with full disclosure of alternatives, risks, benefits and informed consent of competent patients
  • Beneficence:  Maximize potential benefits and minimize possible risks
  • Justice:   Benefit and burden of human research will be shared without bias
  • Equipoise:  Physician Investigator is equally poised or genuinely uncertain as to the superiority between research options.  Physician Investigator will offer research trials only if they include the current best standard medical care.
  • Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest through independent ethical review boards and regulatory authorities
  • Independent monitoring for adherence to protocol, scientific methodology, and research data validation

Corporate Values

  • Sum of the Parts to function by our value system
  • Execution of our mission
  • Pioneering Spirit of Innovation that matters to us and the world
  • Re-investment in people, training, and infrastructure for long term sustainable growth
  • Corporate Citizenship to contribute back to our community for patient care, education, medical advancement, and economic development
  • Build best business practices through mutually beneficial business relationships
  • Entrepreneurial spirit to incubate intellectual property for sustainable business models, start-up corporations, market capitalism and Profit
  • Cultivate leadership by energizing others
  • Have fun along the way, by building a corporate culture of team spirit to win in the Cure for Cancer

Patient Values

  • Patient welfare and safety is our paramount interest
  • Awareness and understanding of disease and medical care
  • Confidentiality of personal information and medical records
  • Dignity through genuine care, even when patients are most vulnerable
  • Respect for cultural beliefs as they relate to medical preferences, end of life, quality of life, and clinical research
  • Time to spend and build trust in the physician-patient relationship, accommodate needs and make decisions through discernment based on knowledge and faith
  • Healing relationship with hope, awareness, and access to investigational cancer drugs

Team Values

  • Interdependence:  Each member brings a unique strength to a team, and success is dependent on those collective strengths.
  • Creativity:  Collaborative energy by tapping into the collective wisdom of team members
  • Empowerment:  Allowing people at all levels to broaden their scope of decision making to fully utilize their talents, skills, and creativity.
  • Synergy through creative cooperation of teamwork, by valuing differences through spirit of mutual respect.
  • Empathy by seeking first to understand, then to be understood.  Listening inspires openness and trust.
  • Perseverance:  Awareness that our mission will be accomplished if our team is personally committed to its success.

Physician and Nursing Values

  • Caring with compassion for the whole person and responding to the emotional, ethical, spiritual concerns as well as the physical needs
  • Competence and knowledge of disease and drug side effects through patient education
  • Nursing Healing relationship that embraces courage, trust, and patience
  • Physician Healing relationship that embraces truth, hope, dignity, and quality of life
  • Practice medicine to the best ability and judgment of physician
  • Dedication to knowledge about cancer research and developments
  • Practice medical oncology according to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) and American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) guidelines of current best standard of medical care from evidence based on published clinical trial results, and based on the biology of cancer.
  • Altruism:  Unselfish interest in the primary well-being of the patient will guide all medical decisions and treatment recommendations
  • Practice Medical Ethics according to the guidelines set forth by the American Medical Association (AMA), American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Management Values

  • Expectations of exceeding job duties with the highest work ethic
  • Candor:  Communication must be direct, honest, open, and timely
  • Fairness in judgment and management decisions
  • Encourage Initiative and value change as opportunity for growth
  • Appreciation of performance through recognition, training, promotion, and fair compensation and profit sharing 
  • Diversity and equal opportunities for hiring, growth, and promotion
  • Transparency of information, management organization, and decisions
  • Technology and Systems approach to safety, efficiency, quality assurance, and validation
  • Differentiation through fair and effective job performance evaluations to recognize standing and cultivate strengths