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Who We Are

Carolina BioOncology Institute’s (CBOI) Human Applications Lab (HAL) is a biomedical research and biospecimen processing group. HAL staff have training and experience in fields such as cancer, immunology, biochemistry, and molecular pharmacology. HAL also employs biomedical engineers, cell processing technologists, a flow cytometry specialist, clinical research coordinators, and an MD clinical development manager. This multidisciplinary group works collaboratively to advance internal and external cancer immunotherapy research.

What We Do

HAL performs internal tumor immunology translational research and also offers contract services including process & assay development, biospecimen sourcing & banking, analytics, cGMP manufacturing, and clinical laboratory diagnostics. HAL partners with academic and industry leaders to solve biospecimen sourcing and cell manufacturing problems in real-time. Collectively, HAL has completed several contracted translational laboratory research projects from biopharma and biotech sponsors.

Our History

Over the 16 year history of Carolina BioOncology Institute, our Humans Applications Lab has had several iterations. Originally formed to investigate the clinical utility of circulating tumor cells (CTC) and to create a biobank, HAL researchers worked out of a shared clinical lab with limited resources. Fast-forward to today, where HAL now has three large ISO-7 cleanrooms, two medium ISO-7 cleanroom suites, and a large GLP laboratory space to call home. HAL is constantly growing and the scope of work changes to meet the public need, whether that be cancer immunotherapy or emerging viral diseases.

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*All biospecimens are obtained with patient informed consent under Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and are currently for Research Use Only (RUO).