Dr. Powderly

Dr. John Powderly attended Georgetown Medical School from 1991-95 and was awarded the Lawrence Dean Scholarship. His 4th year of Med School was spent at National Cancer Institute (NCI) as an internship on the Immunotherapy Service. From 1995-1999 he attended the University of Texas, at Houston Health Science Center for a combined Medicine/Pediatrics Residency. In 1999-2000 he was appointed faculty at MD Anderson Cancer Center and performed additional immunotherapy research.  His oncology fellowship at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill from 2000-02 focused on dendritic cell immunotherapy.

In 2003, After becoming triple board certified in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Medical Oncology, he relocated to Charlotte NC. He became Chairman of Cancer Research Committee at Presbyterian Cancer Center, and Section Chief of Hematology/Oncology Division on the Medical Executive Committee Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) Mercy Hospital, and served on the Executive Cancer Committee of CMC Charlotte.

In 2005, Dr. Powderly founded Carolina BioOncology Institute (CBOI), a community based clinic in Huntersville NC and is the only independent phase I cancer center on the East Coast. CBOI has opened > 80 early phase clinical trials and serves as a regional referral hub for Phase I access in the community setting.

Dr. Powderly’s research on early phase immunotherapy research has led >100 publications, including the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Journal of Immunotherapy, Nature, Clinical Cancer Research, Clinical Chemistry, Investigational New Drugs, Science Translational Medicine. He has also a reviewer for multiple cancer journals, NIH grant reviewer, and is currently adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at both Duke and UNC.   In 2014 he was awarded the David King Community Scientist Award by the Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC).  Some of his articles and presentations have been recognized as “top 50 most cited articles by JCO” and “top 10 most downloaded ASCO Video Presentations”, and “2015 Herbert Pardes Clinical Research Excellence Award.”  Dr. Powderly’s research has been cited by 4,500 other references in the published scientific literature.